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Check out the video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjSNoZxjMs0

ONLAP recently presented us their last DIY single, “Unstoppable – feat. Youth Never Dies”, and since years each song that got self-released by the band has been ruling SoMe platforms and DSP playlists, with a fan base growing day by day (415k monthly Spotify listeners, 105k YouTube subscribers) and a cross-platform streaming performance of more than 150M streams. “The Awakening”, the band’s top hit on Spotify, reckons with 23M streams only to this impressive hoard of facts. Nevertheless there’s always room for growth and development with a professional and global label backup, now, the Paris-based alternative rock act has inked a worldwide deal with AFM Records!

Nils Wasko, Senior A&R director of AFM Records, states: “One of the goals that we had set for ourselves was to find new artists who already set the pace with their own, past activities and
further develop the artist globally with a growth rate of 100% within only a few years. By signing ONLAP from Paris we are on our way to turning this into reality. Their talent and music reflects not only today’s taste and sound, their ability to work on schedule and fill the space with stunning creativity is breathtaking. Their new outputs will be a perfect showcase of ONLAP’s talent and a truly exhilarating sound experience.”

Talking about their collaboration, ONLAP shared:After 15 years of a full indie model, we’re really glad to start this new journey with AFM Records. We really love the whole team, they’ve been listening and understanding the personality and particularities of our musical project and we just can’t wait to start releasing songs, and our new album in the end, with them. Thanks for your trust in ONLAP and for letting us creating the way we always did.”
Today, the band has released a music video for their brand new single, entitled “Nevermind“, through AFM Records. The new ONLAP track is now available on all digital services at THIS LOCATION!
“This is the beginning of a huge new adventure for ONLAP,” the band comments. “We worked a lot on this track so that the color of the album and its atmosphere is marked from the beginning and from this first single. We shot the video with Aurélien Mariat and Alexis Fontaine (who work on the bands Landmvrks and Resolve), and are really SUPER EXCITED for its release, joining forces with the great AFM team!”

As their new single showcases, it’s immediate evident that ONLAP have never felt more vibrant and hungry than they are on their upcoming album, scheduled to be released the Spring of 2024. After all those years releasing a giant number of tracks, some EP’s, and 1 best-of album for the 15 years anniversary of the band, ONLAP is now taking the chance to write a full album containing 10 colossal tracks. It will be a collection of their musical history, roots and brand new influences, but most important: including a multiple degree of links inside the album, that will be revealed later. But without a doubt, the most ambitious project ONLAP has achieved in their career so far!
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