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Fuzzy stoner/garage punk group Loose Sutures has released their third record, Sado Sex for Dummies, today (26 May) via Electric Valley Records. The Sardinian act’s first studio outing as a trio, the album features a couple of other guests, including the heavy rock royalties Nick Oliveri and Alain Johannes.

States Loose Sutures:
“‘Sado Sex for Dummies’ is the ultimate guide for all the pervs across the globe! On this sticky tour, you’ll find all you need: how to escape from a party gone wrong and survive a spell to your bone, chronicles from a highway shooter, valentines from Lucifer, and so much more. So whip out the whips and let’s welcome violence!”

Sado Sex for Dummies has physically appeared on three editions of vinyl (Black, White, and Ultra LTD “Sado Edition”); ORDER at Label’s BANDCAMP (Digital & Vinyl) or the label’s WEBSTORE. (Currently, only the Black edition is available).

Assembled in 2019 by four roughnecks, Loose Sutures plays classic ’70s riffs with a pinch of modern punk attitude, conjuring a blend of stoner and garage energy and displaying an abundance of evil beats, venomous fuzzes, and raunchy lyrics. Loose Sutures’ music has been praised by fans and critics for evoking a dark and seductive atmosphere reminiscent of cult exploitation movies.

Depicting killer profiles and kinky love stories, the Sardinian group presented their self-titled debut LP in March 2020 via Electric Valley Records. They followed it up with the sophomore album, A Gash with Sharp Teeth and Other Tales, the following year via Electric Valley Records; it later saw a Japanese edition in the Spring of 2022. Introducing the newly recruited Giuseppe Hussain (who replaced Gianpaolo Cherchi, guitars/vocals), the album is “a journey delving into lust with filthy guitars, stoned rhythms, and creepy voices escorting you deep inside the sticky core of what you fear yet desire at the same time.”

Loose Sutures again encountered a lineup change in 2022 when Giuseppe Hussain left the band, leaving the band to operate as a trio. It was a setback, but they refused to let it hold them back. Longtime fellow Marco “Grey” Manca joined to take care of the role of Giuseppe on the “High Heeled Barbarians Tour” around Europe the same year.

Sado Sex for Dummies, as the name hints, is a complete handbook to satisfy the needs of the pervs, sadists, and killers out there. An invitation to indulge in fuzz-drenched, punk-‘n-roll violence, this third record from Loose Sutures has no shortage of lurid stories. While there is a touch of evolution, the album has not strayed too far from the band’s established hard, fast, and crude sound. To add more spice to some songs, the album features some guest musicians, including the legendary Nick Oliveri and Alain Johannes

Get ready to be taken on a frenzied ride into the depths of your darkest desires.

Track Listing:
1. Highway Shooter
2. Another Hell
3. Sadism and Gallows
4. White Line
5. Kinky Katy (feat. Alain Johannes)
6. He’s My Friend (feat. Nick Oliveri)
7. Cowbell From Hell
8. Black Star Flashing

Album Credits:
— Band Lineup —
Antonio Pilo – Guitars/Vocals
Marcello Meridda – Bass/Percussions
Marco Angius – Drums/Vocals

— Guests —
Marco Manca played guitars on “White Line,” “Black Star Flashing,” and “He’s My Friend.”
Nick Oliveri contributed vocals on “He’s My Friend.”
Alain Johannes played guitar on “Kinky Katy.”
Fabio Demontis played organ on “White Line.”

— Others —
Engineered and mixed by Fabio Demontis at A.C.M.E. and RKS Studios in January 2023.
Mastered by Andrea Pica at Officina 13 Studios.
Artwork by EVR STUDIO.

Loose Sutures: