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First act of the night Unyielding Love takes to the stage. With no hesitation and no introduction they jump right into their set with a whiny and intense backing track full of electronic growls loud enough to pierce your ear drums. No drummer, just bass, guitar and vocals. The vocals are straight and are instantly rough with no aim for change throughout the set, whilst both the bassist and guitarist are completely calm and make barely any movements throughout the set the front man has the energy of a 10 man band.

Running around the stage like a mad man screaming into the mic non-stop, this man has a next level energy that gives off the feeling of being possessed. He head butts his sound deck multiple times throughout the set whilst sticking a miniature microphone into his mouth to create a static sound effect that works with the possessive like themes of the set.

He’s throwing punches through the air whilst making sure to keep the equipment from getting damaged. Towards the end of the set it’s like the possession turns sinister as he picks up a skull from the deck with a microphone attached to it and performs the vocals though the skull giving the illusion that he’s drinking from it. He takes a look throughout the crowd with a sinister smile on his face before bashing the microphone into his head busting it clean open. With blood dripping down his face with a smile he finishes the set with a clean final ending.

8/10: the theme was incredible and had the shock factor to wake you up for a show like this.

Second band to the stage Jarhead Fertilizer, this time a band member less. Drums and guitar only with the drummer also as the vocalist. Which is a tough enough gig when you don’t add in that it’s pure rough vocals throughout. So big props to these guys because doing both in this heatwave with a face full of war paint is not an easy one.

The set was pretty relaxed despite its harsh tones, with little movement from the guitarist and a lot of energy thrown into the drummer. A black curtain was placed on either side of the stage with the band’s artwork displayed which for a small venue like Rebellion caused some issues with a majority of the audience not being able to see what was happening on the stage. Especially with only two members and everything being quite central on the stage.

Riffs were full on incredible with solid breakdowns which caused a lot of hair whipping, there’s no point in calling it head banging if it feels like you’re getting whipped in the process.


Final support of the night Antichrist Siege Machine. Again drummer and vocals all in one with a full four man band. Either there was an issue with the microphone but over everything else, backing tracks and heavy riffs I couldn’t hear the vocals in the slightest. You knew vocals were happening by just looking at the drummer and witnessing the show, but you couldn’t hear much.

The bassist and lead guitarist were heavily in sync which made the whole performance satisfying to watch with each breakdown coming with hard head banging from the band. Behind me pits began to open for the first time all night, with the entire floor opened up with no escape of the chaos that was unfolding. Pretty sure I was even kicked in the back of the neck at one point. But that’s what you get at heavy hardcore shows like this, kicks in the neck and men with moustaches that know how to do insane breakdowns.


The final band of the night and the one everyone has been waiting for, people have stayed at the front of the stage all night for this moment. After reviewing the legendary Damnation Festival last year I noticed some familiar faces that I spotted there that I’m seeing right now, at metal shows you will always run into someone you know.

Full of Hell have a formless freestyle to their performance, it almost feels like the most evil and discombobulating jam session that’s ever been held. There is no niceness within the room anymore; it’s pure evil and hate. Dylan Walker uses electronics and samples to give the whole sound more depth throughout the show. He growls rougher vocals into a contraption that almost looks like a breathalyser, or something right out of Star Wars / Doctor Who. The once safe space at the front of the crowd is no longer the safe space as the chaos builds in the room and it gets even more rowdy, the pit opens up even wider as if it’s sucking the room into the middle. There’s even points mid image taking when i’m kicked in the back of the head by people in the mosh pit.

Dylan prowls the stage like a caged beast trying to make itself free, howling away releasing his pent up anger and aggression. His vocals are incredible and don’t falter at any point during the entire show. The band move from the intense speed they came on with and go to a more slow tempo within the blink of an eye. You don’t notice the songs change and before you know it it’s 10pm and the final song is approaching. The audience around me is insanely happy with what they have witnessed throughout the night, and what an amazing performance they have experienced! They have deconstructed metal and rebuilt it into something insanely powerful that has even more potential!



  1. Halogen Bulb
  2. Asphyxiant Blessing
  3. Digital Prison
  4. Crawling Back to God
  5. Bound Sphinx
  6. Vessel Deserted
  7. Bone Coral and Brine
  8. Silmaril
  9. Rainbow Coil
  10. Burning Apparition
  11. Eroding Shell
  12. Reeking Tunnels
  13. Noise
  14. Aurora Leaking
  15. Amber Mote
  16. Barb and Sap
  17. Gnawed Flesh
  18. The Lonely Path of the Cestoda

Words & images: Lauren Allard