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EMBER BELLADONNA Announces Album The Grove, “Spirit Woman” Out Now
Stream “Spirit Woman” HERE

Solo artist EMBER BELLADONNA has unveiled the new single “Spirit Woman” featuring THE INFERNO DOLL. The ethereal track sees magical flute melodies and serene vocal lines entwine with THE INFERNO DOLL’s fierce harsh vocals and heavily distorted rhythms. Landing ahead of EMBER BELLADONNA’s debut album The Grove, set to be released on February 9th, 2024, “Spirit Woman” offers a darkly tantalizing taste of the forthcoming full-length. 

Listen to “Spirit Woman” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsMEZo2DArk

EMBER BELLADONNA comments on “Spirit Woman”: 

“We [EMBER BELLADONNA and THE INFERNO DOLL] wrote this song inspired by the Irish legend of the Dearg-Due. The tale tells the story of a woman who was wronged by men in life. After her death she rises from the grave and hunts the people who wronged her and drains their blood. The legend goes that the young woman was married off by her father to an abusive man. Her father ignores her pleas to let her marry the man she loves. The woman dies shortly after. Her rage continues past the grave and she seeks vengeance on the people who wronged her. After taking her revenge on the men who wronged her, she lives on as a legend. A woman of terrible beauty who lures men in and drains their blood.”

Based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, BELLADONNA began playing the flute at the age of 9 and not long after was introduced to the world of metal. Continuing with classical lessons into adulthood, EMBER BELLADONNA sought to find a way to combine her classical instrument with her love of metal in a distinctive way. BELLADONNA’s musical inspiration comes from a wide array of epic film and video game scores, heavy metal music and other flutists. Notable influences include the likes of The Lord of the Rings, Baldur’s Gate, and The Witcher, along with artists such as MYRKUR, HEILUNG, ELUVEITIE, AND CHILDREN OF BODOM. EMBER BELLADONNA appears on THE INFERNO DOLL’s heavy single “Renfield” (2022), and features on ADON’s upcoming black metal album. The Grove follows BELLADONNA’s previous singles “The Water Spirits” (2020) and “Melda” (2021).

“My goal with my music and with this album” Explains BELLADONNA, “is to make the flute the lead within a genre it’s not always heard in. To surprise people with the way this instrument can sound, and how it can fit into metal music in ways you don’t expect. You will hear what sounds like more ‘traditional’ flute playing as well as a much edgier sound throughout the album In certain tracks I use a type of flute called the glissando flute paired with a guitar pedal to give it a completely new sound.”


EMBER BELLADONNA (Emma Kramer-Rodger) – Flute
Justin Bender – Guitar/Mixing and Mastering
Saint Zapp – Drums
Laura Inferno (from THE INFERNO DOLL) – featured on “Spirit Woman”
THE DARKEYED MUSICIAN – featured on “The Grove”
James Delbridge (from LYCANTHRO) – featured on “Ruination”

Track Listing: 
1. Tenalach 
2. The Heart of the Grove
3. The Wild Hunt
4. Ruination
5. The Grove
6. Spirit Woman
7. Unnamed 
8. The Heart of the Grove (Instrumental)