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The Nordic Cult Returns


“If a god of light and love ever did exist…he is long since dead.” – The Masque Of The Red Death

A barren landscape illuminated only by the pale grey light of a waning moon, blackened soil and soft grey ash; a dead monochrome world. Graves as far as the eye can see in every direction, their ragged ranks stretching to the horizon, marching motionlessly into eternity. Broken crosses cast forlorn shadows on the cold earth and the silence is all enveloping. There is no dawn to come and no hope of resurrection, there is no life beneath the vast, black canopy of his wings. His victory songs are soundless and his triumph is unending. This is the end of the world of gods and men. This is the perfect cold heaven of the Vulture Lord.

The stench of decay hangs heavy in the air and the promise of absolute extinction has been spoken. Vulture Lord have returned from the silence of the void with their second full length album, the successor to 2003s Profane Prayer, Desecration Rite is here. Solos dance like children of madness over riffs that snarl with unrivalled bloodlust while drums hammer ruthlessly, as if driving nails through the palms of false gods.  This is metal of death, of nihilistic annihilation fuelled by hatred for the gibbering, imbecilic plague of man. From the ominous invocation of ‘Glorification Of The Dethronation’, through the venomous call to arms that is ‘Bloodbound Militia’ to the riotous blasphemy of ‘Perverting The Bible’, Desecration Rite is the resolute affirmation of an unbreakable pledge to the destruction of all things, the ending of all life in fire and pain. More than simply a glorious rendering of the essential elements of black metal, this album is a mission statement, a declaration of war against the light.

With members of Urgehal, Carpathian Forest, Beastcraft and Endezzma in their ranks, there is no more potent a battalion amongst the blackened hordes than Vulture Lord. Featuring the stunning song writing craft of Trondr Nefas, who took the last walk into the night in 2012, Desecration Rite is an album of unparalleled power. Each moment that has elapsed since the release of Profane Prayer has been utterly justified by this staggering outpouring of absolute darkness. With the assistance of Odium Records, fellow believers in the vision of Vulture Lord, the final battle will commence this June. It is time for the beginning of the end.

“He is not my master. Death has no master.”
– The Masque Of The Red Death

Sorath – Vocals
Malphas – Guitar & Bass
Enzifer – Guitar
Uruz – Drums

Genre: Black Metal
For fans of: Darkthrone | Urgehal | Carpathian Forest | Taake

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