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Dark industrial metallers Parrilla have unveiled the second single from their sinister EP, Ensnared By Venus.

Show Me‘ is a smouldering, brooding track that radiates a cold and unsettling menace. Swathes of keyboards, pregnant with malicious possibilities and chilling whispers are punctuated by merciless, mechanistic drum beats…searing hot coals lie hidden in soft mounds of cooling grey ash, ready to blister your skin. Deceit and temptation, comfort and control…tread carefully through this world of pain. Step into the shadows with ‘Show Me’ here . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9_V-SdqydE

The Ensnared By Venus EP is already picking up great reviews, ahead of its release on July 30th

“A little bit weird, a hella bit exciting and impressively catchy…” – GAMES, BRAAAINS & A HEADBANGING LIFE
“… off-kilter and punishing beats…” – MOSHVILLE TIMES
“…serious promise…” – THIRD EYE CINEMA

Ensnared By Venus is the first release in the Femme Fatale sequence – a trilogy of EPs that will explore the dark heart of unbalanced, unhealty relationships and drink deep from a chalice of poisoned lust and misplaced love and loyalty.
‘Show Me’ follows on from the ‘Mannequin Complex‘ single which you can see here

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