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LORDI – announce ALL FOR METAL and SUPREME UNBEING as support acts for upcoming European tour; »Unliving Pictour Show 2024« to kick off next month.

40 spectacles in 14 countries across the continent: Finnish hard rock / metal group LORDI are about to start haunting Europe with the eerily beautiful with tunes that can be found on their current album »Screem Writers Guild« (released on March 31, 2023). In anticipation of […]

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John ‘Rhino’ Edwards: ‘Just Sayin” – Guests from Quo & Muse! 2 songs / videos available now.

Status Quo’s bass player, John ‘Rhino’ Edwards, will release the album ‘Just Sayin’’ – again produced by long term collaborator Mike Paxman – through Molano Music on 1 March 2024, preceded on 9 February by two new songs from it. The pairing of the songs ‘Never Too Old To Rock And Roll’, featuring a guitar solo […]