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The new single is about facing the fact that no one can simply run from their problems, while musically it incorporates aspects of stoner, sludge, and doom with an injection of punk. “Horizon Divides” lands on January 9th, 2024.

“Horizon Divides” is a dynamic offering that brings both high intensity, full throttle fuzz alongside calmer moments. The musical arrangement ebbs and flows carrying explosive bursts of more aggressive heavy instrumentation that are interjected across the track. Heavy riffs, dissonance, and fierce harsh vocals succeed in conveying a dark and emotive sound. 

About NEGATIVE 13:
Formed in 1999, the Pittsburgh, PA, quartet, NEGATIVE 13 (once known as NEGATIVE THEORY), disbanded in 2003 having released their self-titled debut. Reforming two decades later, in 2021, original members drummer Chip Reynolds, vocalist Scott Fisher, and guitarist Edward Banchs reformed with the 2021 addition of bassist Mary Bielich. Subsequently completing their second album, Mourning Asteri, in late 2021, NEGATIVE 13 released their first live album Live From Black Forge in November 2023. The band are continuing to grow with the new 2024 single “Horizon Divides”. 

Musically, NEGATIVE 13 draws creative influence from the likes of EYEHATEGOD, VISION OF DISORDER alongside RUSH and HELMET. The outfit describe their sound as post-punk infested stoner/sludge/doomcore, ultimately leaving the genre gates wide open to produce their own distinctive brand of heavy metal.

Scott Fisher – Vocals
Edward Banchs – Guitar
Mary Bielich – Bass
Chip Reynolds – Drums