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Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_KHEiZjfjY

In their most savage track to date CANTERVICE unveils the ‘The Masquerade’ a defiant and rebellious manifesto.

Purchase/Stream: https://link.fixtmusic.com/WhereWeDisobey

From the very first hard hitting note, “The Masquerade” establishes its strength with a fierce layer of synthesizers, coupled with the thunderous heartbeat of drums and razor-edged guitar riffs. Adding to the dynamic track is the dichotomy of provocative lyrics coupled with a powerful and at times brutal vocal performance. The resulting sonic madness is a testament to the band’s determination to push the boundaries of innovation through a relentless fusion of genres that seamlessly integrates elements of Metalcore, Alternative Metal, and Hard Rock into one masterfully crafted turbulent soundscape.

“The Masquerade symbolizes the transformative act of facing your deepest fears and purging the most crippling of emotions,”explains CANTERVICE. “It invites you into a world untainted by uncertainty, a world where the shackles of oppression are void. Within the realm of CANTERVICE, there is an underlying narrative unfolding, following a character seeking to break free from a society rapidly deteriorating from the tactful manipulation of information by an authoritarian regime, intended to influence their behavior and resulting in a cult-like adherence. To be part of The Masquerade means to liberate yourself from the constraints that confine you, wherever they may have taken hold.”
‘The Masquerade’ is out now from independent multi-genre label FiXT.
Watch ‘The Masquerade’ Visualizer HERE


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