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It’s a Tuesday night in Manchester at the Academy 3, the queue is starting to pile up despite the horrific rain even inside the venue the queue is at the bottom of the stairs. The room quickly fills up with a mix of generations as everyone eagerly waits for the first and only support act of the night Disconnected.

The metalcore band from France knows how to start a show! The energy is high from the second the first note is played and it never stops. Instantly I’m being given Rise Against vibes, if Rise Against were heavier then this is exactly now they would sound, they have the same edge but they know how to amp it up even higher! Fists and horns are in the air throughout Academy 3 during this incredible opening act!

The tone slows down halfway through to introduce a slower more romantic song, and you’re instantly thrown into a Power Ballad and I can’t help but be a sucker for a good power ballad. Vocalist Ivan Pavlakovic knows how to hit some insane notes for sure the man puts his whole chest and soul into this performance. The hard work is shown with these guys and this tour is expressing that in the most amazing light! These guys are on a top 5 list this year without a shadow of a doubt.

Every single member of this band is putting every drop of passion into this performance, the guitarist is on another planet with the bassist, the drummer is having the time of his life and their vocalist is screaming every lyric like his life depends on it along with some dance moves to fit the mood. The power ballad ends and the crowd erupts in cheers because how could you not after witnessing that.

The love vibes don’t last long as some insane dark vocals splatter out of Ivan’s mouth like a demon had taken over, the love is gone and anger is all that resides.

On the night of the Download Festival 2024 announcement, I want these guys on the festival circuit, get their hard work to pay off and check these guys out!

10/10 performance!

Now it’s time for the main event, from the UK, The Raven Age! The entire room is filled with a mix of generations which is always incredible to see! We’ve had the metalcore now it’s time for a bit more Power and with a classic feel to it but make it modern if you can imagine that?

The guys take to the stage and everyone looks like they’ve jumped out of Killswitch Engage with the battle jackets, but the vocalist Matt James stands tall in front of everyone with one heck of a Mohawk!

Fists are in the air punching hard with a gang chant of HEYS flooding the place as insane riffs seem into you. It’s non-stop flashes and non-stop movement. There’s something in the air with vocalists tonight as Matt hits every note like it was as if his life depended on it, the high notes being hit almost effortlessly which he then immediately switches to a soft tone when each song comes to an end.

How do I put into words the insanity of how incredibly good these riffs are without it being just that. It’s something that can only be experienced in person, studio versions are something else but something about seeing this live it feels like you’re being blasted in the face with audio beauty. Vocals to riffs, to the bass to breakdowns to drums it’s all so beautifully done. This evening has had two insanely incredible bands that deserve more recognition and after this tour the blow up on both of them is going to happen and you’ll see them both on the festival circuit, this is just the beginning.

Multiple generations in this room watch closely as something amazing is unveiling right in front of them.

The Raven Age are an incredible upcoming rock band with a fan base that’s going to grow and grow! They have a new fan in me and many more will follow.

Solid 10/10


  1. Parasite
  2. The Day the World Stood Still
  3. Essence of Time
  4. Forgive & Forget
  5. Nostradamus
  6. Salem’s Fate
  7. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  8. War in Heaven
  9. Seventh Heaven
  10. The Journey
  11. Angel in Disgrace
  12. Tears of Stone
  13. Serpents Tongue
  14. Grave of the Fireflies
  15. Fleur de Lis

Words: Jacob Robinson & Lauren Allard

Images: Lauren Allard