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‘Assorted Marvels’ by My Glass World is released on 15th January 2023 on Luxury Noise Records.

The new album veers from the sax-driven stomp of ‘White Out’, the first single, to the almost soulful slant of ‘Genghis Khan’, via the claustrophobic plaintive bump of ‘Citizen of Nowhere’. This latter track, underpinned by a wild sax break, is a protest song on behalf of everyone who has been displaced through war, strife, earthquake and climate change. It will be released as a single today, 27 October.

Photocredit Pascale Neuschafer

 My Glass World is the invention of composer, singer, musician Jamie Telford who has written and recorded alongside a range of talents from Paul Weller to Richard Strange.

Previous tracks from the band have been championed on radio by, amongst others, Guy Garvey and the late great Janice Long.
The album features, principally, vocals and keyboards from Jamie Telford alongside sax and woodwind from Sean Read.  Sean worked with Jamie on production and mixing. His previous musical credits include Edwyn Collins, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, and recently Dave Gahan and the Soulsavers to name but a few. Sean is currently on tour with Dexy’s on their latest comeback tour.

Jamie Telford said, “The album title, Assorted Marvels, comes from the half remembered former name of a Victorian shop in Kennington, London – now run as a gallery by artist friends Rob Kesseler and Agalis Manessi. It seemed to suit the collection of material that we had assembled.”.
‘Assorted Marvels’ is the sequel to the 2022 ‘Tree.Shadow.Piano’ album, and is less overshadowed by the spectre of Covid and the dead! Different themes do indeed emerge on this album; philosophical, topical, direct, ephemeral, and humorous. Most of the songs were written and recorded in Scotland – the remainder in Sean’s Famous Times studios in London where they were all finished off and mixed. Jamie found Scotland an easy place to write, whilst London was an easier place to be specific and
nail down the detail.
As the name suggests, ‘Assorted Marvels’ album draws together songs that sparkle and shimmer variously, drawing the attention in different ways. These are songs that, in Jamie and Sean, share the same parents, though each has its own assorted and tangled history of both influence and meaning. It’s a great listen, and the song writing shines through.

The Word from My Glass World

British duo My Glass World deliver an eclectic selection of material containing elements of rock, pop, jazz and classical influences. Offering a catalogue of 6 albums to date, there’s a lot to listen to, and reflect on.

“Maybe Art can save us after all”

“My Glass World’s music defies genre boundaries, blending blending elements of Rock, Pop, Jazz and Classical into a rich tapestry”
– HailTunes.com

“Classy pop writing that in a perfect world should gather everyone from 7 to 77 years old”
– Le Village POP

“A band who defy easy categorisation and pull a wide range of influences into their orbit. The musical equivalent to the yin and yang; the fire and ice, capturing both the calm and the chaotic”
– Midlands Rocks

“Fans of artists like Radiohead and The Smiths will undoubtedly appreciate the classic sound and UK-based culture woven in”
– PopHits

“Of rare depth and quality”
– Get Ready To Rock

“Genuinely uplifting and brilliantly arranged”
– Velvet Thunder